Dear Eugene Yoga Community

by Valerie Morris

        May I begin this newsletter with an ending? The same ending that many of you have heard me close my classes with: an expression of gratitude for the mind, the breath, the body and the community. I am so very grateful for the power of our collective minds, the rhythm of our breath, the strength of our bodies and the companionship of our community!

         I am grateful that Eugene Yoga provides us with so many opportunities to nourish ourselves and one another. I am grateful to Diane Butera for the vision to bring Eugene Yoga to life eight years ago, for her leadership in growing our community to what it is today, and for her continuing friendship. I am honored and humbled to guide EY in its continuing mission to be a sanctuary for mind, body and spirit. As Eugene Yoga and Wellness, we’ll strive to help you stretch your minds, strengthen your bodies and expand your hearts by providing each of you with space where you can safely deepen your practice, explore your inner wisdom, and partner with others.

          I am grateful that our talented reception team is staying together, and that all of our amazing teachers will continue teaching here. We are adding expertise and versatility to our team with four new teachers you will appreciate and enjoy – Andrea Goering, Zoe Werthamer, CariLyn Stanton, and Nicole Hummel. When you see their names subbing for your favorite teacher, don’t be shy, give them a try! Each of these teachers bring exceptional skills to the studio, and we enthusiastically welcome them to our staff. We expect to make very few changes to the weekly class schedule, but will supplement it with regular series, some new special events such as Full Moon Flows and Solstice practices, and, by popular request, another evening Vinyasa class at Downtown. Watch for these classes to appear on our schedule soon.

        Did you know that many of our staff and teachers are also certified in other aspects of wellness such as yoga therapy, integrative health, nutrition, reiki, cranial-sacral therapy, meditation, and doula services? With this wealth of talent, it’s just a matter of time and planning until we can offer a menu of wellness options to our yoga community. I’d love to hear your suggestions for potential growth in this area.

        The yoga community in our little city is thriving and expanding!  Your support of Eugene Yoga is valued and valuable. We are not whole without YOU. Thank you for choosing to practice with us, and be a part of our community! 

With gratitude,

February 2019